A Hidden Beach on The Isle of Skye

A final adventure on The Isle of Skye, and we all headed to the beach. Around three kilometers from the road end, we all trekked into this secluded and hidden beach (hidden from view – not a hidden secret ! The full car park indicated a busy place and a google search finds this beach !) . The beach hides itself until the very last turn in the path and what a gem! Turquoise waters and white sands made all the effort in reaching the beach worthwhile. A stunning location on a Scottish Island where beaches usually come second to the mountains…

Music – Better Day by Bensound (Bensound.com )

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38 thoughts on “A Hidden Beach on The Isle of Skye”

  1. You nailed it with magical. I wild camped on Skye for 2 nights a couple of years back. Had no idea that beach existed. I ended up going to Harris and camping by Losgantir beach. Great footage and photos

  2. Happily, a 3km walk in either direction is enough to put off more than 99% of the beach-going public.
    It's true that since the road bridge was built Skye has become much busier and changed in character, but that's only the more visited and accessible parts. If you're prepared to explore on foot, the island is still every bit as wild, lonely and unspoilt as it ever was. Long may it stay the case.

  3. Hi Murray. I've been visiting Skye for over 35 years and you are right in saying its is now getting busy. Passed the Fairy Pools on my way to Glen Brittle last August and it wasn't pleasent with litteraly a couple of miles of the single track road grid locked. Lots of "occasional tourists" following the hype, disrespecting the country code and parking illeagally. The beach looked great but as you mentioned. South west Harris is the palce go but dont tell anyone ;> cheers.

  4. Great video mate, I camped up in a forest area up there just before the beach. There a fantastic camping area with fire place wood and BQ i went there start the season and no one was there. I have in past had a look around away from the busy areas there some great finds. I am sure i wild camped that beach in the past. Thank you Richard

  5. Looks even better than Coral Beach near Dunvegan. We drove to the fairy pools some years ago, only to turn back because of the ant trail of tourists. We were on our way to the outer Hebrides via Uig. This wee gem of a beach you found is up there with its Hebridean cousins. Naturally, when the rain isn’t horizontal and pea soup isn’t clouding your vision 🤩
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful! But you better be careful Murray I think Thomas Heaton has copyrighted "Absolutely Stunning" 🙂 The color of the water is amazing, I remember when I first saw the water at Clachtoll in Assynt I was blown away! So beautiful!

  7. Last time in Scotland I only had 2 full days on Skye as I meandered my way back home but I made an effort in stupidly bad weather to at least visit the Fairy Pools. Seeing that ant trail you mentioned I should have just drove on but I thought I'd at least see it, the car park lassie then asked for a fiver to park another good but where some perfectly good trees had once stood, I responded "5 quid just to see the Fairy Pools..?" I guess she was out humour as she said plain faced, "no, that's to park". Needless to say I drove on instead, not through stingyness but I'm not paying money to become one of many sheep crammed into a wee set of pools, I'll wait for the off season instead and I'll use that forestry car park further up the hill instead too.

  8. Looks like my kind of place 😀 Thank you so much for sharing your family trip to this wonderful secluded beach. I can imagine you will all remember this trip for a long time. Also that boat trip you went on looked great for a bit of wildlife spotting !! Thanks again. atb :DTeddy

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