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8 thoughts on “Bitcoin Just Hit Major Resistance – Be Careful!”

  1. Great vid. Good to see an alternative ending after so many times.. About the indicators Which one do u use for exaustion? And which one is the blue yellow on the right of the screen. Cant seem to find em on tradingview

  2. It's interesting to see how your thoughts have changed over time. You use to make a point of explaining how you were a fundamentals only 'trader' and you openly mocked TA. Then, seemingly overnight, you became an 'expert' in TA. And now you're mocking the fundamentals.
    It's also interesting to see 'your' profits that you've shown us a few times now. Can I ask, is there any particular reason why you choose to entitle the screen shots of 'your' profits "warren"? Seems a little odd.
    These are genuine observations of your work.
    Credibility waning.

  3. The only thing you need to be "careful of" is missing out on this bull run by not being in the market. Stop trading on leverage; buy, DCA, and HODL BTC and LTC.

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